Three Steps to Your First Tool!

Sign Up

The first step to joining the library is to create an account with us! Simply go here and fill out your details.

If you’ve already been a member of Edinburgh Tool Library or another MyTurn site, you can simply log in using your existing details and get access to our library as well.

If you're struggling to get set up, or just want to ask questions, feel free to come along to the cabin at the next session (Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings) and a volunteer will be able to help.

Buy Your Membership

Once you’re signed in, you can activate your account by buying an Annual Membership here. Alternatively, if someone has bought you a gift certificate for membership, you can redeem it here. £25 buys you a year of membership, and once you are an active member, tool hire is completely free for the year, no matter how many tools you check out.

Come To The Cabin

You can browse our entire inventory of tools here, and you can reserve the tools you’d like to hire in advance. Or, you can simply turn up at the cabin at the next opening slot and ask the volunteer on duty for the tool you are looking for. Our current opening times are shown on the right, but there will be a slot at the weekend, and one mid-week in the evening.

The first time you want to hire out a tool, you must bring along photographic proof of ID (a driver’s license or passport, something which clearly shows your picture and name); and proof of address (a utility bill or other official document that shows your name and address).  But after that, you need only bring the proof of ID.

Once you’ve got your tool(s), they are due back within 7 days, either on the mid-week slot or the weekend after you hired them. If you need any advice on how to use the tools, or which tools would be right for the job you need to do, you can ask our volunteers for advice and we’ll try to assist!